Sorry Sir, Kinder eggs are illegal. But here, have a Gun.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well like it or not, it’s true. Granted you’re not likely to find chocolate and ammunition in the same store, but I’m sure you get the gist of where I’m coming from.

Safety Concern


I understand there is an urge in people to buy guns for protection. But I think looking at this video will definitely alter your perspective if you come from a pro-guns school of thought.

Currently, approximately 320 million people reside in the US. 66.2% are within the age group of 15-64.  Theoretically, that’s about 212 million people given legal access to firearms (within 3 years for those under 18). I think it’s a logical assumption that not all 212,000,000 will have the right mental approach needed while handling these potential life-enders.

The UK

There is a rational reasoning behind the fact that guns are outlawed in the United Kingdom. Even law enforcement is not issued firearms.
If we look back at the States, One could logically assume that there is a positive correlation between the easiness with which one can acquire firearms and the highest crime rate in the world. Additionally, laws aren’t exactly making it harder for gun owners. In fact, they’re doing anything but that.

Every now and then we hear of a kid who shot up his peers in his school or University. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s purely because of open access and exposure to arms. Negligence and improper definitely plays a big part But If access to guns was restricted to law enforcement and Military, would we not save more lives in the process?

READ: Five States allow students to carry concealed guns on college campuses.


Hypothetically speaking, lets say you’ve had a little too much to drink and have a fully loaded 9mm in your bag for “protection”. You might disagree, but I feel that is a recipe brewing for disaster.
In Missouri, it is no longer a crime to USE a gun while intoxicated, as long as it is in self-defense. Some of you may think that’s fine but Pardon me when I say I’m going to absolutely question the judgement of a man/woman who can’t even walk in a straight line.

On the other hand, Why are Kinder Eggs illegal?

According to the constitution of the United States, Any type of edible that has a toy (or item) inside which is not visible, is banned.

Though I think we can all agree, it is perfectly safe for children over three to eat a kinder egg. Even if a parent illogically gives it to a minor under 3, the Capsule is too big to be swallowed and really difficult to open for a toddler.

The kinder egg caused 3 fatalities in about 40 years. Guns on the other hand? I don’t think you need to be schooled on that.



  1. rautakyy · September 8, 2015

    Good point. Exellent post. I love the way you make a serious issue a little easier to face through some humour.

    In my opinion high rates of crime are very much a result of a society, that is deeply economically divided. It does not even matter much wether the people percieve themselves as having much the equal opportunity, if in the end game society idolises people who make a lot of money as the successes, regardless if it was achieved a bit dishonestly, inheritance, or ruthlessness, while people who toil most of their daylight hours live year after year in desolute powerty. Add a set of carefree laws and attitudes towards guns and the crimes become ever so more violent. I can not help it, but to see the United States of America as a giant developing country and their legal system a modern set of laws straight from the 18th century.

    Here in Finland we actually have more guns per capita, than in the US and we have ample amount of illegal guns as well, many of them having been transfered in the families from wartimes. However, we have less gun related crimes than most countries. I see three factors to this, first being the rather egalitarian society in wich all crime rates are low. Second being the fact that most Finnish men, myself included, have served in the army and have had professional training to use shooters safely. Third thing is, that here a person has to apply for a permit. If anyone puts into the form as a reason to own a gun, that they need it for their own protection, they are considered certifiable. Guns are for hunting, target practice, or for collection. We trust our police force to enforce the law. Infact, our police hardly ever use their guns.

    In comparrison we Finnish men kill and maim each other a lot with axe, knife and fist, but that is more related to our terribly barbarian use of alcohol and could hardly be remedied by licences to carry knives… One can only imagine what would happen if our gun laws were as liberal as they are in the US…

    If the US is not ready to jump into the British system, perhaps it would do them good to uniform their permit system. Their constitutional right to bear arms is actually all about a legalized militia bearing arms under threat of invasion by an outside superpower. Not some amnesty to all idiots to buy a gun to protect themselves, when it is rather likely that they will themselves suffer a shot from their own gun, than that they are shot by a gun owned by some criminal mastermind, or troops loyal to the British crown.

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    • Sulaiman Dawood · September 9, 2015

      I agree with a lot of your points. The US is not likely to get invaded, and frankly all the countries in the world know better than to do that given their Nuclear prowess. I believe the US and Russia combined own 90% of the worlds warheads, so that should be a deterrent enough. But the thing is a lot of these weapon manufacturing companies have politicians on their boards and so the government has little incentive to correct the laws. Of course, I feel it’ll be too difficult to re coop all the guns and ammunition now that it’s so in the open.
      However, my stance on alcohol will probably be different from yours. In my experience, I have hardly seen any good from consuming it at all. It often leads to DUIs, hit-and-run accidents, fights, etc. so Finland is not alone on that.
      Sure people can argue that it thins your blood and whatnot but I believe there is more harm in it than benefit. Which is why I do not consume it. But of course, that’s just me c:

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  2. shiftboss · September 9, 2015

    You make a lot of sense. Talk about a stuffed up culture…it’s ok to show someone’s head getting blown of night after night on TV, but show a bit of breast at the Superbowl and the world comes to an end!

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    • Sulaiman Dawood · September 9, 2015

      I’m glad you agree with my take on the subject. I agree there are a lot of double standards in our society.

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  3. Mug Clank · September 10, 2015

    Kinder eggs are from Germany and I’m afraid of foreign things


    • Sulaiman Dawood · September 10, 2015

      Well, it is your right to fear things if you want but Germany is taking in a ton of refugees atm. And it is also working to reduce its carbon emission on a national scale, something other countries could take note from. Given this, I’d be less fearful and more respectful of Germany.

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