Do we honestly value our home builders enough?

A couple of weeks ago I was in a labor camp distributing “Care Packets” (Basically consisting of 9-10 basic necessities like flour, Rice, Powdered Milk, etc.). If you’re wondering “Why a labor camp?”, you probably come from a developed country, in which case you’re forgiven if you think that builders live perfectly normal & fulfilling lives (as is generally the case in these first world countries).

Here, however, these laborers earn around AED 700-1000 ($200-270) monthly which is very little even when adjusted for parities. Secondly, majority of their incomes go back to their homeland in the form of current transfers, as most of the laborers sacrifice their own living comforts to support their own fledgling families & kids back home. Some have the additional responsibility of supporting their parents as well. Moreover, A lot of them do not hold their newly born children until months later, something no parent should ever have to go through…

Another reason I feel for these laborers – most of whom are construction workers/builders – is that they have to often work under the unforgiving smoldering desert heat of Dubai (We have literally 9 months of summer here). Night shifts aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms either as they bring with them the intolerable humidity. As great as Dubai is, weather is not one of its prettier aspects.

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting a bit more about this topic peeps.

“I’d rather change the world, than let it change me” – Original Quote


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  1. faexa · August 5, 2015

    Lovely and mind-opening read my fellow blogger..


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